How to Choose a Lawyer

When looking for an attorney, there are a number of issues to consider. It is vital that the lawyer you pick has a license to practice in your state and the characteristics you are looking for, as well as give your case the attention it requires. With so many factors involved, such as experience, location, and area of focus, finding a good lawyer depends on the specific qualities that are most important to you and how much work you are willing to put in.

What to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer

Plenty of things take are involved when you’re planning to hire a good lawyer, but the following are the most vital:

State License

A lawyer should must be licensed in your state before he can represent you. This sure sounds obvious, but some lawyers ask you for a booking fee, and then you won’t hear from them again, ever.

Area of Concentration

Many attorneys deal with routine cases, but some decide to concentrate on a specific field of law. For instance, they can focus on family law, technical crimes, and the rest. It is advisable to go with an attorney whose specialty lies in the type of case that find yourself in.

Unique Qualities

Attorneys have certain qualities which are worth a look, if only to ensure that you choose someone you won’t regret. You may prefer, for instance, to hire a small firm or a big one. Larger firms are typically more experienced but they may have so many clients all at once; on the other hand, smaller firms can devote more time and attention to your case. Do you want someone with strong credentials? Knowing what qualities are most valuable to you will help you in coming up with a wise choice.


In certain cases, it may be particularly important to look into the reputation of the lawyer. Some of them are popular for winning highly complex and high-profile cases. You can learn more about the reputation of an attorney by reading reviews about them online and by checking out legal publications.


Since the cost of hiring a lawyer varies, you need to understand the specific issues that impact that number. Attorneys often take a number of factors into consideration, such as how complicated the case is, how long it might take, where the charges are filed, the need to hire expert witness, and their own experience level.

Public Defender or Private Lawyer

If the charged individual is eligible, the court will appoint a public defender to represent him. Although public defenders will often have lot of experience with a variety of cases, it’s typically better to choose someone who focuses on the specific type of assistance that you need.

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