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Signs You Can Be a Good Foster Parent

Being a foster parent can be among the most loving and rewarding acts of your life, but it won’t be easy. It shouldn’t be though. It calls for total commitment towards giving a child a safe and stable temporary home after being removed from their birth parents’ care by the court because of family problems.

If you’re considering being a foster parent, here are signs that you’re ready to be one:

Financial Stability

While you need not be rich, it is important to be financially stable so you can provide for all the needs of the child. The state and federal governments do provide subsidies to foster parents, but these will not be able to cover all of their costs. Hence, you cannot totally depend on this aid.

Dealing with Birth Parents

Once treatment or rehabilitation is done, more than half of foster children go back to their birth families or primary custodians. Bear that in mind, along with the fact it will be the court that will decide on contact between parents and foster parents. There are cases in which birth parents are required by the court to visit their children frequently as a path towards a future reunion.

The Right Understanding of Foster Kids

One false belief about foster children is that they’re always so damaged and thus hard to care for. In reality, children in foster care could be no different from kids in less troubled families. However, since they come from unstable homes, their potential emotional and behavioral problems should still be given the right attention. Those issues may depend on the child’s age as well as the trauma they developed.

Having a Solid Network

As a foster parent, you may feel like you’re living in a glass house. Everyone will be watching, whether it’s therapists, case workers, your neighbors, and so on. You’re going to need a stable outside network for sure. For example, if you want to take in a young child, is there a daycare center close to your home or at least your workplace? If you live alone in your house and go to work every day, or if you get sick, who will be there for the child? Of course, this should be someone who can be available on short notice and has passed a criminal background check.

Letting Go

Finally, you have to understand that as a foster parent, you will eventually have to say goodbye to the child when it’s time for them to return to their family. If court decides there will be no such reunion, hopefully, you can adopt the child if you are happy to. Either way, at some point, children will have to leave their foster families and may never keep in touch again.

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